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January 5, 2021
Fuel Right With Fuel Shack Petronas Lingkaran Karak

GOMBAK, 29 DECEMBER 2020 – Fuel Shack, a home-grown fast-food chain first cooperated with Petronas Malaysia to launch our first outlet in Petronas Lingkaran Karak Express Highway. Fuel Shack Malaysia is expected to invest RM15 million to increase the number of its outlets to 35 nationwide by 2022. A total of 230 job opportunities for the local community are created. 

“We want to introduce Malaysians the heaviest and biggest burgers in town,” Rahul, the director or Fuel Shack, added. “Our recipes are truly unique, as they combine ethnically rich ingredients, 100% pure Australian Beef and Lamb, delicious taste and innovative packing techniques with the distribution that is localized in Malaysia.” 

Looking forward, the fast-food operator projects double-digit growth for 2021 in Malaysia. It currently boasts a network of 15 restaurants and 102 employees and serves 300 thousand customers monthly. 

The opening ceremony is attended by CEO Petronas Malaysia, Ian Cruddas, CEO Bharat Group, Dato Kesav Argawal, Datin Sri Poonam Gupta and lastly founders of Fuel Shack, Rahul Aragwal and Gautam Kumar Argawal.  


Come Hungry, Leave Happy.


December 12, 2023 Its Time For Dendeng Burger!

Experience this new limited edition Burger Dendeng only at Fuel Shack. A special authentic taste for our Malaysian food lovers.