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What attracts customers to Fuel Shack?

Fuel Shack attracts customers who are tired of global brands that have become boring and predictable. Today's diners in Malaysia are much more savvy than they used to be. They are demanding quality food in a quality environment that makes them feel relaxed and welcomed.

When someone decides to try Fuel Shack's burgers for the first time, it's often because a friend has commented on their experience or because they have seen a Fuel Shack location where people have been enjoying meals with friends and family.

The fact that Fuel Shack is inviting and unpretentious endears us to Malaysian customers. This affinity creates loyalty and an undeniable social and online buzz about our menu, locations and atmosphere. The same thing that attracts people to Fuel Shack typically keeps them as a long-term customer because what we offer isn't offered anywhere else in the Kuala Lumpur area.

What makes Fuel Shack different from others?

Fuel Shack is different because it is a Malaysian brand that is set on connecting with the Malaysian market in distinct ways that other brands can't or won't. Other burger restaurants and global brands modify their approach and marketing to meet the unique needs of the Malaysian market.

Fuel Shack abandons this approach for a "Made in Malaysia" brand that has been built from the ground-up to meet the diverse dining needs and demands of a growing population. Our ingredients also separate us from others because our ingredients are of higher quality. We only serve 100% grass-fed Australian beef, topped with the freshest toppings that are locally sourced by our experienced buyers. Other restaurants are unable, or unwilling to give their customers this level of freshness that we offer with every order.



What is it about Fuel Shack that makes it the best food in KL for visiting tourist and local foodies?

Our Fuel Shack burgers are among the most popular items on our menu. Many people come back to Fuel Shack again and again simply because they can't get a burger of the same flavour and quality anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur. Our other menu items complement our burgers and with our selection of bubble teas, customers can practically create their own dining experience from our menu to ensure they get what they want whenever they eat at a Fuel Shack location. Our customers love our menu items for their own personal reasons giving a sense of overall popularity to the entire menu.

What is so inviting about Fuel Shack that makes it the best place to eat in KL?

Each of our locations is custom-designed to be inviting to all who pass by and to those who stop in for a meal. We strive to make each Fuel Shack location a comfortable place to grab a quick bite to eat with friends, family, co-workers and anybody else who wants a relaxing meal of quality food. Our food is prepared and served fresh – which our customers appreciate. This freshness is noticed by our customers who comment on it to staff, friends and co-workers. Our menu is anchored by our line of burgers and is supported by other items (Aloha Chicken, Lamb Supreme, etc) that make for a well-rounded selection of upscale, yet still affordable, meal options.

What are the types of western food Fuel Shack serves?

Burgers are the main Western food served at our Kuala Lumpur restaurant locations. Fuel Shack hot dogs/dawgs are also popular menu items. The Lamb Supreme and Aloha Chicken represent a slight breakaway from the Fuel Shack burger selection to offer something that can't be found in similar global/local chains. The popularity of Western food in Malaysia is growing and Fuel Shack is following that growth to offer a Western twist on some of its menu items and offering an upscale, but still casual, experience with elements of Western influence in the environment that Malaysian customers enjoy.


Why does Fuel Shack pop to mind when the word burger is mentioned?

Variety, quality and price. Our loyal Fuel Shack customers are happy to know that our pricing resembles our dining environment – giving them top-quality burgers at a fraction of the usual cost found in other burger/quick-serve restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. On top of this, our burgers are visually stunning and designed to catch the eyes and taste buds wherever they are seen: online, in print, social media and on our in-location menu screens. Each burger has been designed and named to be memorable and when people strike up a conversation about the best burger in Kuala Lumpur, images and thoughts of the Fuel Shack burger menu are brought to mind. Each burger has it's own distinct appearance and taste, making it easy to have one (or more) "favourite" burgers from our menu.